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BUBBLES come inflated and confetti stuffed customized to any color scheme you'd like.

These pair great with others in a bouquet or can shipped by us to someone special to any location!




All balloons should be disposed of properly and may be a choking hazzard.


20 inch clear bubble included with ribbon and weight.

Handmade custom tassels $12.00 each

Decorarive tails $10.00 each

Personalization starts at $12.00 (please inquire for more details)

Metalic foil lettering starts at $15.00

BUBBLES inflated with confetti, ribbon and weight

SKU: 98754213
  • 20 inch BUBBLE  balloon included with confetti, ribbon and weight.

    Add $10.00 for handmade custom tassel

    Add $7.00 for decortaive tail

    Add $10.00 for personalization

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